Presents for children

Presents for children - like Christmas because of comps. How to make them happy? Look our review the most popular comps.

A gift for a child – inspirations

Looking for present for kiddie seems to be simple task. Shops give to choose a lots of teddies or goodies, but how do you know what your child find cool? Of course, you can go with your child to the shop and attentively consider what products arouse the interest of your kiddie. However, you may find that your child will be fascinated by so many products that your decision will not be limited at all.

A gift for children – the dreamed-of or useful?

However the serious problem is when you’ll realise that thing that your child would like to has is not every time good for they. Sweets lead to tooth decay, toys cause to bigger chaos in your hause and addiotionally the baby fast will stop fascinating of they. So what to choose to make the present useful? Parents often start to think how old is their child and then looking for the item that will support the development of the little human. In this moment, on the shopping list they enter books, educational board games oraz jigsaw, but not every time is appropriate stage for so much sophisticated gift and in result the baby is not satisfied with the surprise.

Unusual gifts for a child

Excellent alternative for present for kiddie can be the while spend with parents. It’s really valuable if you have not much time for playing on ordinary days. Go with your kiddie to playground, zoo or cinema and provide your children nice fun. However there is another way for unusual present for your child. You are able to make a surprise and at the same time a great keepsake, to which a baby can return even after a long time. What is it about? Check the website and discover inspiration for exceptional present for children.

Christmas shows how well we know preferences of our children. Let’s choose a gift that will make they happy.


Santa - of us in his youth did not look forward to Santa Claus? Or rather looked forward to his presents? It’s worth to find out where did the tradition of Santa come from.

Santa in UK – when it was created?

Mental picture of Santa, as a jolly man with beard and glasses, wearing red costume with white elements, comes from the 1823. That year in Canada and United States became known the poem „A Visit from St. Nicholas”. Just in it we can discover the very first mention about Santa Claus. Thomas Nasta – political cartoonist also had influence on image of Santa Claus, which is known nowadays. Mental picture of Santa was spreaded in many countries and now it’s hard to find a child who wouldn’t know what Santa looks like.

Santa Claus – tradition of letters

In 1871 Thomas Nast caricaturist painted Santa at desk. Old man was glance through received mail and sorted sheets into two piles. Pile of sheets from impolite children’s parents was much bigger in comparison with second group. We can treat it as primal reference to contemporary holiday tradition of sending messages to the Santa. Not much later Nast created a picture of someone who puts envelope with sign „St. Claus North Pole” in a letterbox.

Response from Santa?

So, we got to know about origin of history of sending letters to Santa but can Santa Claus write a letter to the child? Of course! Children say in their messages what they want to get and the Santa can give it or write back and sum up kid’s politeness during year. Do you want your child to get an amazing letter from Santa Claus? Prepare it here: Unusual letter will be sent to your home at every place over the world. All you have to do choose a template, add the first name of your child and modify the text as you wish. However it’s not everything – there is available for order dedicated video from Santa Claus too.

Santa is unusual memory from our the old days. It’s worth to keep that tradition for our children. Services offered by Elfisanta seems to help for that purpose.